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To facilitate download, data is presented in the standard self extracting zip format
( Tip: if your browser does not offer to save the file, try using right click over the file link with your pointing device and then
select 'Save Link As ' or 'Save Target As' from the popup menu)

To benefit from DfES/QCA data and the 'shared data option':- Open/Run the downloaded exe file; select Extract to unzip the 'Plan transfer files' to a suitable directory; use the 'File + Import' function of Plan4Me to Append or Update database records, as appropriatenew count Repeat as necessary for other downloaded data/subject transfer files.
( Plan4Me Help and Tutorial files provide more detail on how to Import data to the application for those who are less sure of the procedure)


 File Name      Date   Description

TSTplan.exe 09/26/06 Example Short Term Plans
TMTplan.exe 09/26/06 All Medium Term Plans (includes DfEE schemes)
TLTplan.exe 09/26/06 All Long Term Plans (includes National Curriculum and Frameworks for Numeracy and Literacy)
TBase.exe 09/26/06 WordBase Plan samples plus DfES scheme initiatives
english.exe 09/26/06 English Schemes / Plans
maths.exe 09/26/06 Maths / Numeracy Schemes /Plans
science.exe 09/26/06 Science Schemes / Plans
ict.exe 09/26/06 ICT Schemes / Plans
cit.exe 09/26/06 Cit Schemes / Plans
art.exe 09/26/06 Art Schemes / Plans
dtech.exe 09/26/06 D&Tech Scheme / Plans
geog.exe 09/26/06 Geog Schemes / Plans
hist.exe 09/26/06 Hist Schemes / Plans
mfl.exe 09/26/06 MfLang Schemes / Plans (French - German - Spanish)
music.exe 09/26/06 Music Schemes / Plans
pe.exe 09/26/06 PE Schemes / Plans
pshe.exe 09/26/06 PSHE plans
re.exe 09/26/06 RE Schemes / Plans
general.exe 09/26/06 General examples
STPlan.exe 09/26/06 Empty Short Term Plan DB set (for clean start)
MTPlan.exe 09/26/06 Empty Medium Term Plan DB set (for clean start prior to Import of above)
LTPlan.exe 09/26/06 Empty Long Term Plan DB set (for clean start prior to Import of above files)

The Following files are not available without registration password, enter now?

 TGraphic.exe 09/26/06 All Graphics (includes those for DfEE schemes)
GraphicR.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Reception (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic1.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 1 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic2.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 2 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic3.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 3 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic4.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 4 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic5.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 5 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic6.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 6 (includes those for DfES schemes)
Graphic7.exe 09/26/06 Graphics for Year 7 (includes those for DfES schemes)

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